Younger Self

About us

Welcome, I want to take just a minute to welcome you to our Community. 

When we first decided to start this project we outlined what we wanted it to be. First and foremost we wanted it to be a community, a place where the members really felt like they are part of something, a place where every member is important. We realized that we were creating our own society.  Next question was what to call it. Many things were discussed but the final analysis we decided on What I Would Have Told My Younger Self because if an experienced you could go back in time and tell an inexperienced you what to do or not to do on your path in life, wouldn’t your success come so much faster and with much less risk? 

This is a very unique organization that focuses on the members, our patrons, and the relationships that will last for years and take everyone to places they never dreamed. Why is this community so different for other memberships or clubs? Until you get immersed into an activityway. The truth is the difference is so great it like comparing high school to college. In fact one person told me that after finishing hi or a program that you have a passion for you may not see the difference right as college degree he did not know what he was suppose to do next. We discussed his plans and desires and set a course. He is now on his way to an exciting career with a small chain of home health care providers. It was his plan but we provided what was necessary to make it happen. This is like a post graduate program for entrepreneurs. 

Why is this important? If you have tried your hand at starting your own business or developing your idea into your dream you will soon find out that people all over the internet will sell you a course or a book. Most of these people have never accomplished anything in  their own life except to write a book telling other how to do it. This model is pervasive over the internet and in local meet-up style of networking. There are several reasons that set us apart from those other groups. So let’s go over them;

This community is not about how much we can earn helping you. The fact is, there is no one that has all of the answers. We have a group of Patrons, individuals that have been very successful in their own disciplines. They have reached levels of success that few have attained.  Most of them are at a place in life where they know it is time to give back. I know that is a cliché that many gurus have used to convince their audience that they are sincere and not just after your money. However, in order for you to see what we are doing here you have to also use the term “give back”. Giving back is a principle that most successful people believe in and practice. Each of our Patrons are handpicked and vetted so that you know they are the real thing. So how do you know if this is not just another guru or if they are able to give you the real information that you need. Well, you can keep buying program after program hoping that you actually find something real, while in fact they just collect dust in your office because they don’t work, Or, you can spend some time with us, talking with us and sharing your dreams and goals. It won’t take you long to see the difference. Everyone’s path to success is unique, so your education along the way should be unique to your path, not cookie cutter. We have always known that no people are like finger prints or snowflakes: no two are exactly alike, so why should your education be?

Let me take a minute to tell you a story about a meeting that I attended several years ago. The speaker was dynamic and the topic was interesting. I wanted to know more but it is not my nature to take things at face value. I was able to get alone with this man and have a real good conversation. What he told me shocked me at the time but now I find that it is the rule, not the exception. He confided in me and told me he didn’t know anything about the topic that he was teaching that in fact he never succeeded in that industry. He went on to say that he has a gift of speaking in public and was hired by the people who were selling their success program to speak to groups of people and to just follow a script. During his speech he quoted successes that he had and gave examples of deals he put together. They just simply were not true. Now to repeat myself, I have found this to be the rule not the exception. In fact if you wish to become a public speaker we can train you in that profession, there is a lot of money in that industry.

In our organization we have individuals from several industries to help you and give you the ability to learn what you want to know. Everything from a Doctor that has a program to help people become wellness coaches, to attorneys that give information about how to structure the right kind or business entity, how to set up a self directed IRA. How about starting a mortgage company or just buy and selling notes? Of course we have real estate investors too. Real investors that have a real track record and know how to succeed. We have life coaches, business coaches, just about anything you can imagine and not to be redundant but these are business people and entrepreneurs with proven success.

Much of this information is free with your membership. Some of it has a cost but you would expect that if the experts are as good as I say. You know very well that you get what you pay for and there is no free ride. I would never tell you there is but I will tell you that, if you chose one of these programs, you will “get what you paid for”.  

So what is the solution? We have done the research and found the extremely successful people that can take you to where you want to go. The basic membership fee is nominal and you can take your time get to know us. Right now you are at one of those cross roads in life. Do I turn left or do I turn right? One thing about successful people that I can tell you right now is that when they want something to happen they take immediate and decisive action. 

If you want things in your life to change, you must change things in your life. You brought us on to your path energetically. Perhaps this community is the solution you have been looking for. We know it is.