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Everything starts with Mindset. Explore your brain, teach your mind, never stop learning

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Build your network. Make connections with like-minded people and successful business owners

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Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom requires a plan. This plan begins with two things: knowing where you are currently, financially and knowing where you want to be

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Welcome to your Community

When we decided to start this project we outlined what we wanted it to be. First and foremost we wanted it to be a community, a place where the members really felt like they are part of something, a place where every member is important. We realized that we were creating our own society.  Next question was what to call it. Many things were discussed but we decided on What I Would Have Told My Younger Self because if an experienced-you could go back in time and tell an inexperienced-you what to do or not to do on your path in life, wouldn’t your success come so much faster and with much less risk? This is a very unique organization that focuses on…